Dear Family and Friends of Sha’arei Shalom,

Just this morning, walking across the foyer in the synagogue, I turned my head toward the sanctuary and the gentle glow of our new ner tamid caught my eye.  Sounds simple enough, I know.  Yet, in that moment, it was as though I saw our synagogue community emanating divine light into the Triangle, the wider Messianic Jewish community, and beyond.  Not sporadically, but continually.  It’s happening, and I want you to know today how grateful I am for your faithful support of Sha’arei Shalom.

Everyday life in our community in real time looks like this: upwards of forty children are preparing for our beloved Jr. Shabbat end-of-year celebration.  Our teenagers are gearing up to attend, and serve as counselors, at four different Messianic Jewish youth summer camps.  A couple of our members are preparing to serve on a medical outreach to an emerging Jewish community in Zimbabwe.  The involvement of Jewish people who are asking heartfelt questions about Yeshua continues to increase.  I could go on.

The “uplift” of our sanctuary embodies our communal vision.  By God’s grace, our new breathtaking and original ark, which you can check out here, is one of the “wonders of the Messianic Jewish world.”  By the end of the summer, we can expect a new ark curtain, new Torah mantles, new lecterns, benches, and a tzedakah box—all of which will match the artistic motif of the bimahOur goal requires raising $8,235 in just six days (by May 31) in order to complete our sanctuary uplift.  Your support translates into beauty and honor in our sanctuary before HaShem and people.

Will you prayerfully consider how you can help fund the $8,235 gap that remains?

Like the ner tamid that now shines in our sanctuary continually, here at Sha’arei Shalom, we are more committed than ever to transmitting the vibrancy and dynamism of Jewish life in Messiah Yeshua from one generation to the next.  One glance at our new sanctuary is a visual testament to our identity, values, culture, and faith.  Just walk by the sanctuary.  You will see that the ner tamid doesn’t go out.  It will take all of us together to complete our sanctuary, and prepare the way for the resounding praises of his people within it.


Will you partner with us?
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With Joy and Thanks,

Seth Klayman, Rabbi
Congregation Sha’arei Shalom
Cary, North Carolina

P.S. Thank you for considering giving.  Please continue to pray for not only the necessary funds, but all those who have been laboring to bring to life the vision for our sanctuary.  You can donate by clicking here, by mailing a check today to Sha’arei Shalom, PO Box 3187, Cary, NC  27519, or by dropping your donation in the offering box in the sanctuary this Shabbat or at our Shavu’ot study on Tuesday night.

Final Weeks Message from Rabbi Seth

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