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Sha'arei Sisterhood

Who We Are

The Sisterhood of Sha’arei Shalom is a group of women within the congregation that gather together for the growth and encouragement of one another.

What We Do

The women of Sha’arei’s Sisterhood come together for activities such as: Coffee and Conversations; social outings around the area; and in study through Food For Thought, specific book studies; and in times of prayer through our Prayer Pods. 

Why A Sisterhood?

Sha’arei Shalom’s Sisterhood provides a collective identity for the women of our congregation. It also provides an outlet for the creative gifts, talents, and leadership potential from within the women of Sha’arei. 

About the Jr. Sisterhood

Our Jr. Sisterhood is a collective of girls ages 10-18yrs. Throughout the year the Sisterhood will host functions inviting the Jr. Sisterhood to take part allowing opportunity for connections across the generations as our women model a life of faith for our younger women. 

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