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Welcome into the online space of Congregation Sha’arei Shalom, a Messianic Jewish congregation. Our name means “Gates of Peace.” We are a community of devoted Jews, together with our families, friends, and allies living out the synergy of contemporary Jewish life and following Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah.

Messianic Judaism 

Messianic Judaism is a movement of Jewish congregations and groups committed to Yeshua the Messiah that embrace the covenantal responsibility of Jewish life and identity rooted in Torah, expressed in tradition, and renewed and applied in the context of the New Covenant. To learn more about Messianic Judaism, click here


We exist to build a vibrant Messianic Jewish community that inspires people to ever-deepening relationships with the God of Israel, through Messiah Yeshua, by the power of the Ruach (Spirit of God) in dynamic engagement with our heritage.

Seven Pillars
of our Community Life

1.  Torah · Studying Scripture (Joshua 1:8; 2 Timothy 2:15, 3:16)
2.  Avodah · Seeking God in Worship (Exodus 8:1; Psalm 2:11-12; John 4:24; Acts 1:14)
3.  Chavurah · Strengthening Relationships (Leviticus 19:18; Acts 2:42-47; Hebrews 10:24-25)
4.  Keruv · Sharing Good News (Isaiah 61:1-3; Romans 1:16, 10:1; 1 Peter 3:15)
5.  Tzedakah · Sending Offerings (Exodus 25:1-2; Romans 15:26)
6.  Gemilut Chasadim · Supplying for Needs (Leviticus 19:10; Yaakov 2:14-17)
7.  Ahavat Yisrael · Standing with the people of Israel (Genesis 12:3; Zechariah 1:14; Romans 9:1-5; 11:1-2)


Our vision is to make Israel’s destiny a living reality.

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